QBox HD ("Set Top Box", Receiver for TV) and Enigma 2 Software

The QBox HD is an TV receiver with up to 3 tuners (SAT, Cable-TV or DVBT). Since the "STONE" firmware is released in October 2010, also 3 different tuners are supported. It's quite similar to the DreamBox and uses a branch of the Enigma 2 software as "Graphical User Interface" GUI to control the receiver.

Some known differences:
A disadvantage and problem of the QBoxHD is, that even in standby the power consumption is about 25W! So, if not needed for a timer scheduled recording you should switch off the Box totally! And the is no battery to operate a real time clock during off as you have it in a normal PC or laptop. So after turning on the internal clock of the box needs to be setup. This is normally done by fetching the actual time from the actual transponder. But you may discover that the time is one hour wrong! Any scheduled recording will be wrong in that case.

If the box has an internet connection, then a workaround is to fetch the actual time via network from a time server. I have created a plugin, which allows configuring such a date & time setup from internet: NtpDate

Last Change: 2010-12-20